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Our range of Spanish courses

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Group classes
Offer you the opportunity to learn from your teacher and your fellow classmates. The group course will be run by two different teachers, allowing you to get used to differences in pronunciation and intonation. Both of the teachers dedicate most of the time to practical activities and exercises through which the students will learn to understand and speak Spanish, almost without noticing.
Individual Classes
Offer a great opportunity to get the most out of your course in a short period of time, and we definitely recommend these classes for people that have specific needs and interests.
The Best of Both
Program combines both group classes and individual tuition, so that you can achieve a greater level of Spanish in a short amount of time. You will study 6 hours per day.
Travelers' Survival Spanish
Is the perfect course for travelers who want to start communicating in “daily” Spanish. Functional grammar only and speaking, speaking, and…speaking! Group or individual.
The Total Immersion program
Is especially designed for those people who need to learn Spanish very quickly, mainly for employment reasons, and who want to make the most out of their stay in Cusco. This program is based on a total immersion model which leads to guaranteed success in a short number of weeks. Individual only.
Quechua (native language of the Incas).
Only a couple of hours will give you an insight idea of how rich traditional Peruvian culture is. People at the countryside will greatly appreciate your efforts: when hiking and trekking, an "Allillanchu" will immediately open doors for you.
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