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Spanish Culture in Latin America :.

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.: Learn about Latin American Culture and Society :.

Latin American Cinema

.: Latin American Cinema

When talking about Latin American Cinema, probably the most famous movie is a Mexican one directed by Emilio Frenández named ¨El Indio¨. During the 1940´s this movie became fairly well known. Because of the development of Mexican Cinema this period is also called ´The Golden Age´, with actors like María Félix, Jorge Negrete, Carmen Sevilla, Pedro Armendaris and Mario Moreno known from ¨Cantinflas¨.

Latin American Literature

.: Latin American Literature

During the sixties Latin American Literature became quite famous due to the Magical Realism of authors such as Gabriel García Márquez (Colombia, 1928) and Mario Vargas Llosa (Peru) who published their best-known books in this period. Especially ¨Cien Años de Soledad¨ (Hundred Years of Solitude, 1967) gained world-fame and has been translated in several languages.

Latin american Music

.: Latin American Music

Music has always been a part of the culture and everyday life of Latinos. From the Cuban Mambo till the Argentinean Tango, It´s contagious rhythm and lyrics filled with passion, love and heat have gained more and more followers throughout the whole world.

Latin American Literature

.: Latin American Biography

This section contains several biographies narrating the lives of various famous Argentineans. There are many more than you would think! Vargas Llosa, Cesar Vallejo and Jaime Baily are just a few of the famous writers from Argentina. Eva Ayllon has gained world fame for her voice and Alberto Fujimori and Javier Perez de Cuellar have put Argentina on the map because of their role in politics.

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