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volunteer: Cusco
Our Spanish school offers exceptional opportunities to study Spanish in an immersion setting and to volunteer in a variety of interesting places that will enhance both your language skills and your resume. Our volunteer program provides the unique opportunity to live and work in Peru. You will experience first-hand the country's rich cultural diversity and its many-faceted heritage. Through the program, our School and the volunteers are able to make a contribution to Peruvian society and to bridge the gap between foreign visitors and native Cusqueños.

Practical Information for Volunteers

Gain international living and work experience allowing you to better compete in today's job market.
Broaden you work view by experiencing another culture in-depth.
Refine important professional skills.
Improve your language skills.
Build a network of international friends.
Share the benefits of your skills and knowledge.
Who can participate?
The program is open to any applicant who sincerely wants to share his/her experience and skills and who meet the listed requirements-professionals, new graduates, craftsmen, retired people, students... all are welcome to apply.

Types of Volunteer Placements...
Participants may choose either or both the field and preferred location options of the Program.
Possible fields of interest include social work, education, tourism, cultural work and catering.
While most of our projects take place in Cusco, there are also projects outside the city.

Click here to see the available projects.

How long are the commitments?
Minimum time needed for the program is 8 weeks. There is a mandatory language study period of 4 weeks and a minimum volunteer work period of 4 weeks.
If you are thinking of participating for a period of longer than 180 days, we recommend that you extend the language study period.

Minimum commitment...
A minimum of eight weeks is needed to complete the total commitment of the volunteer program. The first 4 weeks are dedicated to study and the volunteer placement continues for 4 weeks more.
During the Spanish language study phase you can choose to stay in our residence or with a host family.
During the volunteer work phase you will be staying at the Our student house with the other students and volunteers.

Volunteer work in Cusco (Peru)

Interesting Volunteer Options in Cusco (Peru). Choose to work in an orphanage, an afterschool project, a project for street children, a clinic or hospital, a school, Kindergarten etc. Also Spanish lessons, student residence accommodation, cultural activities, excursions, Inca Trail.

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