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The south American country Peru has always been an important and interesting tourist destination. Peru has a lot to offer: ancient cultures, amazing landscapes, nature, jungle, beaches, ruins and so much more. Thanks to all of this, currently Peruvian tourism is booming and Peru has become one of the top destinations in South America.

If you want to prepare you trip to Peru, we recommend you prepare yourself and read about Peru. There are important issues about your health and safety, about money and others you want to know.

Peruvian Weather

It is actually hard to talk about ‘the Peruvian weather’, as the weather varies greatly not only from season to season, but also from region to region. Peru is divided into three regions: coast, highlands and jungle. The weather in the jungle is humid and hot; rainy season takes place from December till April but it can also rain throughout the year. Rainy season in the highland, like for instance in Cusco, s takes also place from December till April, but here it is not hot and humid, but dry and much colder. From May - November it will not rain a lot in the highlands and when in the sun, you’ll be warm and fine. However, Andean nights are cold and the evenings can also be chilly.

The weather in the coast - where we can find the Peruvian capital Lima is different again: here it is summer from December till April and people will visit the Peruvian beaches as much as possible. During the rest of the year Lima is never really cold, but it gets chilly and very grey.

Language in Peru

As varied as the Peruvian weather is, so varied are Peruvian languages. Of course the main and official language is Spanish, and secondly Quechua. However, there are also many other indian languages and dialects in Peru of the native people in Andean communities.

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